Month: April 2020

Tri-District Parents Council Records Are Available to Researchers

The Tri-District Parents Council (sometimes shortened to Tri-District Council) was created in March 1985 as an association of African American parents living in Pulaski County, Arkansas, who were working to improve academic achievement of black students in the three public school districts of Pulaski County. One of their objectives was to use current discussions of school district consolidation in Pulaski County to facilitate education,

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A Word from the Roberts Library

As you may have heard, all CALS facilities have been closed to the public since March 14. It’s a situation none of us anticipated and one in which we’re continually learning as we go. Much will be written in the days to come about this transition to the “new normal,” probably far more eloquently than what I’ll be able to offer.

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Help Us Preserve Arkansas’s COVID-19 Experience

During the 1918 Flu pandemic, a Little Rock woman wrote the following to her son, who was away fighting in France:

You know we have been having a strict quarantine here for two weeks on account of the Spanish Influenza. No school, church, club meetings or gatherings of any kind. The situation is improving some.

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Architects of Little Rock, 1833–1950, Collection Now Available to Researchers

Most Little Rock residents are aware of the historic homes that characterize the center of the city. What many do not know is that a group of architects dedicated their lives to expanding Little Rock, eventually ushering the city into the twentieth century and beyond. These homes and buildings are not only functional, but they show the city of Little Rock as one with a rich history and a dedication to historic preservation.

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Free Academic Materials from Publishers around the Country

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, most libraries and archives have been forced to close their doors. While there are a number of excellent online archival collections, state and local history encyclopedias, and digitized historic newspapers, and while many libraries now offer ebooks for checkout,

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Butler Banner Archive

The Butler Banner archives between 1999-2018 are available in PDF format only. The Butler Banner was our print newsletter.

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