Mucket Mania: The Mussel Industry in Arkansas

Students will read and evaluate various articles about the mussel industry in Arkansas. They will draw conclusions and make predictions about the economic impact of the mussel industry in Arkansas based on their knowledge of the history of this industry. They will share the information from the articles with the rest of the class.

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

Grade Level:5-8 Middle School; 9-12 High School

Time period:Early 20th Century 1901-1940

Arkansas Academic Standards are subject to revision every six years by the Arkansas Department of Education. The frameworks used in the majority of lesson plans on the Arkansas History Hub are from the 2006 Social Studies Frameworks and the 2007 Arkansas History Amendments and School Library Media Frameworks.

E.8.6.4, E.8.7.3, E.8.7.4, E.8.8.3, E.8.8.4, E.9.6.10, E.9.7.10, E.9.8.10, G.1.6.4, G.1.AH.7-8.5, G.1.AH.9-12.5, G.3.6.5, G.3.7.5, GD.8.AH.7-8.1, GD.8.AH.9-12.1, W.7.AH.7-8.1, WWP.9. AH.7-8.6, WWP.9.AH.7-8.2, WWP.9.AH.9-12.2, WWP.9.AH.9-12.7



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