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CALS Butler Center Home Movie Collection


Several years ago we put together a compilation of the home movies in our collection. Spend about half an hour to see how Arkansans in past decades (from about 1930 to 2010) were spending their ordinary and extraordinary days. To experience it with music and audio, go to our website.

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An Epistemology of Ignorance

Much of our history remains invisible to us. This is not due to a lack of original sources or a paucity of published works on particular subjects. Rather, this invisibility is based upon our ways of conceiving the past.

For example, I was once in conversation with a man on the prevalence of anti-Confederate sentiment in Arkansas during the Civil War.

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A Spotlight on Watercolors at the Galleries at Library Square at the CALS Roberts Library

Opening Friday, June 12, in the Galleries at Library Square, West Gallery, are the exhibitions Mid-Southern Watercolorists 50th Annual Juried Exhibition and the Founders of Mid-Southern Watercolorists: Celebrating 50 Years of Watercolor. At this time, due to CALS building closures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are available for viewing by appointment only—email gallery@cals.org to make an appointment to enter the CALS Bobby L.

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Alice and the Atlas

You might call it falling down a rabbit hole, but I like to think of it as jumping. You know what I mean…you look at something on the internet and your mind starts churning with questions. Falling implies no control or decision on your part. Jumping is definitely your decision. You are in complete control!

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It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Personal Archiving

Personal archiving can be scary and overwhelming. You probably have boxes and boxes of photos and papers and letters in attics, basements, and garages. Family papers can be spread over the households of several family members in multiple locations. And it can be an intimidating process because you want to make sure you do it right the first time.

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Shop for Gifts and Art Online and Support CALS

The Central Arkansas Library System includes two sources for unique gifts and for art made by Arkansas artists: the Bookstore and the Galleries at Library Square.

Now, our staff can help you find one-of-a-kind gifts so you can shop with comfort and safety while social distancing. You can contact us by email to order items or get suggestions based on the tastes of your loved one.

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The CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas: Stealing Our Way through History

Truth be told, we are all thieves.

In fact, thievery is the means by which cultures develop and change. William Shakespeare, credited with being one of the most original voices in English-language literature, famously stole the plots—and sometimes large stretches of dialogue—from numerous other sources. In fact, he wrote only two plays that scholars recognize as largely original,

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Tri-District Parents Council Records Are Available to Researchers

The Tri-District Parents Council (sometimes shortened to Tri-District Council) was created in March 1985 as an association of African American parents living in Pulaski County, Arkansas, who were working to improve academic achievement of black students in the three public school districts of Pulaski County. One of their objectives was to use current discussions of school district consolidation in Pulaski County to facilitate education,

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A Word from the Roberts Library

As you may have heard, all CALS facilities have been closed to the public since March 14. It’s a situation none of us anticipated and one in which we’re continually learning as we go. Much will be written in the days to come about this transition to the “new normal,” probably far more eloquently than what I’ll be able to offer.

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Help Us Preserve Arkansas’s COVID-19 Experience

During the 1918 Flu pandemic, a Little Rock woman wrote the following to her son, who was away fighting in France:

You know we have been having a strict quarantine here for two weeks on account of the Spanish Influenza. No school, church, club meetings or gatherings of any kind. The situation is improving some.

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