Category: Early 20th Century 1901-1940

World War I from an Arkansas Soldier’s Perspective

1. Students will understand the technological advances in warfare used during World War I
2. Students will evaluate primary sources for reliability and accuracy

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of UA Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture; Sarah Bost, Student Success Archivist

Grade Level:9-12 High School
Time period:Early 20th Century 1901-1940

Arkansas Academic Standards are subject to revision every six years by the Arkansas Department of Education.

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Record Keeping vs. Recording History: Integrate the Record Books

Lesson Goal(s):

  • Engage students in jigsaw presentations to read African-American athletes in Arkansas : Muhammad Ali’s tour, black Razorbacks, & other forgotten stories by Evin Demirel (ISBN: 978-0-9990083-1-7)
  • Challenge students to present their chapter in a fun and creative way to share with classmates

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of Dustin Seaton,

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Rollin on the river: The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation

Students will learn about the history and importance of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System to the Arkansas River Valley and to the state as a whole. They will also become aware of the builders and caretakers of the System—the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. From class discussion and mapping the McClellan-Kerr System, students will learn how a lock and dam works and the three major benefits of the project today: navigation,

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