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Genetic Genealogy: Understanding Your DNA and How to Use It in Genealogy

On Saturday, July 24, the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies hosted a virtual workshop on genetic genealogy. The program was presented by Shannon Christmas, an experienced genealogist specializing in genetic, colonial American, and African American genealogy in Virginia and the Carolinas. He serves as a 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador,

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Going Beyond the Individual with the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Self-perception is distorted when we treat such things—principally ourselves—as models for reality, making separability and independence, not reciprocity, our moral ideal. Weather is the better paradigm for inquiries regarding the categorical features of things, because weather is systemic. Every system evolving within the atmosphere has a merely temporary integrity, and a character determined as much by its conditions as by its internal states.

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Jim Lynch Papers Now Open to Researchers

Jim Lynch is a community activist in Little Rock. Since 1975, he has organized and represented the citizens of the community and of Pulaski County to guide its elected leaders in matters such as taxation, urban growth, environmental protection, and law enforcement.

James Russell (Jim) Lynch was born on July 12, 1946, in Springfield,

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A Word from the Roberts Library: Summertime, with a Dose of Gratitude

At the risk of repeating an internet meme, lately I’ve been thinking about all the things I have to be grateful about. I have a job I love, I’m crazy about the people I work with, my family is healthy. During COVID, CALS has been able to both help our community and keep staff and patrons safe.

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Going Offline to Solve Genealogy Mysteries

Everyone knows that Ancestry, FamilySearch, and other online databases have revolutionized the way we research genealogy. Online research makes it so easy to find a lot of information in a short amount of time and is perfect for those just beginning to search. Before the rise of this technology, family and local history research was painstaking and required poring through volumes at the library or a courthouse and walking around cemeteries hoping to find information on that elusive ancestor.

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Summertime at the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square

The Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, located within the CALS Roberts Library, features the work of Arkansas artists, including rotating exhibitions and shows by local Arkansas artists as well as artists from Arkansas who have made an impact on the national and international art scene. Works from the Central Arkansas Library System’s permanent art collection are also displayed regularly.

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Celebrate Juneteenth in Arkansas

From the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas’s “Juneteenth” entry by Bibi Mwamba:

Juneteenth is a celebration held during the month of June in Arkansas and throughout the nation to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States. The celebration originated in Texas in 1865 to mark the date when the news of the emancipation of the slaves reached the state.

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