August 2021

Margaret Cunningham Letter, MSS.19.02

William H. Jaquays Civil War Letter, MSS.19.05

Hannah Knight Letter, MSS.19.14

Thomas D. Lewis Letter, MSS.19.03

Richard I. Scott Vietnam War Collection, VWP.24

July 2021

Jim Lynch Papers, MSS.20.01

June 2021

Curtis E. Rodgers, MSS.14. 77

April 2021

Allen Family Collection, MSS.17.74
Alexander Harding Collection, MSS. 19.25

March 2021

Dr. Thomas Cremeen Papers, MSS.16.12
Feild Family Papers, MSS.14.38

January 2021

Sondra Gordy Papers, MSS.12.27
Witsell-Carvill-Bruce Family Collection, MSS.19.38

December 2020

Preserve Arkansas Records, MSS.16.17

September 2020

Batesville Flouring Mill & Manufacturing Company Ledger Book, MSS. 13.20
Simon Marrs Papers, MSS.13.17

August 2020

Immanuel Lutheran Church Records, MSS.14. 58
Stuttgart Army Air Field Collection, MSS.12.12

July 2020

Blytheville Army Air Field Collection, MSS.06.20
Broach Family Collection, MSS.14. 60
Powell Clayton Collection, MSS.11.123
Lafayette Gregg Collection, MSS.11.125
William R. Hamilton Sr. Family Papers, MSS.16.14
Kocourek and Son Hardware Company Records, MSS.16.02
Little Rock Furniture Manufacturing Catalog, MSS.17.49
Sid McMath Collection, MSS.18.33

June 2020

Concordia Hall Collection, MSS.17.17
Joe B. Davis Vietnam War Collection, VWP.58
William H. Goad Collection, VWP.56
Richard Lucas Vietnam War Colletion, VWP.57
Stephen Sunwall Vietnam War Collection, VWP.55
Yeakle Family Collection, MSS.17.20

May 2020

Archie F. House Collection, MSS.18.72
Minor T. Chaney Vietnam War Collection, VWP.54

April 2020

William L. Terry Papers, MSS.14.24

March 2020

William R. McCrary Civil War Diary, MSS.11.21

February 2020

Metz Family Addendum, MSS.05.02
John Wolfe Vietnam War Collection, VWP.48
Allan S. Pirnique Vietnam War Collection, VWP.50
Steve Brackins Vietnam War Collection,VWP.51
Bruce Thomas (Tom) Bullion III Vietnam War Collection, VWP.53

January 2020

Albert Roy Hart Vietnam War Collection, VWP.39
Gary H. Hall Vietnam War Collection, VWP.42
Preston D. Crawleigh Vietnam War Collection, VWP.45
James F. Birtcher Vietnam War collection, VWP.47

December 2019

Kenneth M. “Mickey” Stephens Vietnam War Collection, VWP.34
Jerry Vint Vietnam War Collection, VWP.30

November 2019

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) records, BC.MSS.07.02
James M. McHaney collection, MSS.18.11
Partial letter from an unidentified soldier in the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, BC.MSS.17.21
William H. Ballance letter, BC.MSS.17.76
Merrill Boomer Civil War letter, BC.MSS.17.71
Cobb family letters, BC.MSS.16.53
Arad Parks Civil War document, BC.MSS.18.10

Photo collection updates: 

Political photograph collection, BC.PHO.25
Arts and culture photograph collection, BC.PHO.24
Medicine and science photograph collection, BC.PHO.23
Parks, recreation areas and cemeteries photograph collection, BC.PHO.22
Crime and punishment photograph collection, BC.PHO.21
Transportation photograph collection, BC.PHO.20
Parades, celebrations and fairs photograph collection, BC.PHO.18
Sports and recreation photograph collection, BC.PHO.16
People photograph collection, BC.PHO.9
Landscape and nature scenes photograph collection, BC.PHO.8
Business/industry and natural resources photograph collection, BC.PHO.10
Disasters photograph collection, BC.PHO.11
Religion photograph collection, BC.PHO.12


936th Field Artillery Battalion (Arkansas National Guard) Korean War collection, KWP.103
T.B. Swearingen Civil War reminiscences, BC.MSS.06.30
Joseph P. VanNest Civil War letters, BC.MSS.11.109
Joseph D. Boardman Civil War letters, BC.MSS.12.14

October 2019

George W. Stone Civil War letters, BC.MSS.15.50
Henry and Thomas Carroll Civil War letter, BC.MSS.15.30
David M. Logan collection, BC.MSS.12.13
Oscar W. Douglass Civil War letter, BC.MSS.16.52
John E. Orr letters, MSS.15.65
John P. King collection, MSS.16.38


James E. Mitchell Vietnam War collection, BC.VWP.22

August 2019

Address of Lieutenant General Theophilus Holmes, MSS.15.70
Wallace Civil War letter, MSS.16.06
Adams Field collection, MSS.04.14
Cherry Pemberton collection, MSS.11.146
Edwin J. Van Slyke Civil War collection, MSS.15.12
Robert Crandall Civil War letters, MSS.15.33
Pulaski County Delinquent Lands ledgers, MSS.19.08
26th Iowa Infantry camp newspaper, MSS.14.59
Hotze family collection, MSS.07.06
Woodrow T. Little, MSS.14.83