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Jodi A. Barnes: “An Archaeology of Reproduction at Hollywood Plantation”

CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies Presents LEGACIES & LUNCH

An Archaeology of Reproduction at Hollywood Plantation 

Speaker: Jodi A. Barnes

Reproduction entangles the intimacy of sex, conception, pregnancy, and birth with the feeding, clothing, nurturing, and socializing of the next generation. In this talk, Jodi A. Barnes takes us on a trip to the nineteenth-century Hollywood Plantation in Drew County, Arkansas, to examine the material evidence of practices related to reproduction woven into all the activities of day-to-day life. The objects range from ceramic bowls to animal bones, patent medicine bottles to porcelain doll parts, and grave markers to straight pins. She situates the women who lived and worked in the house—both white women and African-American women—at the center of the research to uncover the deep history of the way reproduction shaped women’s lives.

Jodi A. Barnes earned a PhD in anthropology from American University following a Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies and a BA in anthropology from the University of South Carolina. She recently left the Arkansas Archeological Survey, where she was a station archeologist and research associate professor, to join Diachronic Research Foundation in South Carolina. She is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, reports, and edited volumes ranging from the archaeology of the African diaspora to World War II home front heritage. Her recent article published in the journal American Anthropologist, “Behind the Scenes of Hollywood: An Archaeology of Reproductive Oppression at the Intersections” is the topic of this talk. 

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