Make Your Own Family Tree

Supply List:

Colored paper
Glue stick

  1. Grab three pieces of notebook-sized paper – preferably different colors.
  2. Use a pencil to trace your left hand on one piece of paper and trace your right hand on a second piece of paper. You might need help tracing the hand you write with.
  3. Label each hand – put names of your dad’s family member on the fingers of the left hand and use the right hand for your mom’s family. Make extra hands if you have a lot of family members to list. Note: do this step before cutting everything out.
  4. Carefully cut out each hand.
  5. Using your third piece of paper, glue each hand to the paper – carefully folding back the thumbs and making sure they don’t get glued down.
  6. Decorate your family tree with stickers or drawings.
  7. Ask your parents and grandparents to do their own, so you can see how many generations back you can go.