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Newly processed archival collections

Helen Louise Botsford World War II Diary (BC.MSS.23.06)
This collection contains a book designed as a daily appointments calendar and used by Helen Louise Botsford as a diary, with entries written each day of 1944 and addressed to her husband, James G. Botsford, who was serving in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Julia McGaughey DeJanis Collection (BC.MSS.23.14)
This collection contains documents and photographs related to the life of Julia McGaughey DeJanis of Muscatine, Iowa, and North Little Rock, Ark., with an emphasis on her service as a nurse with the Allied Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I.

The Free Enterpriser Newspapers (BC.MSS.22.17)
The Free Enterpriser newspaper was created by the Arkansas Free Enterprise Association to support the free enterprise system from 1951-1959.

Enrique Fuentevilla Newspaper Collection (BC.MSS.22.27)
This collection features primarily Spanish language newspapers documenting the development of the Hispanic and Latine communities in Arkansas from 2000-2022.

Edward Graham Civil War Letter (BC.MSS.22.24)
This collection contains one letter written by Private Edward Graham to Maj. John Bills in 1861.

Hall High School (BC.MSS.11.64)
New additions to the collection include yearbooks, the school newspaper War Whoop, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia.

Friedrich William Charles Heldman Civil War Letters (BC.MSS.23.02)
This collection contains three letters written by William Charles Heldman of the 17th Missouri Infantry to his father and to his brother in the summer of 1862 during the American Civil War.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marche, Ark. Collection (BC.MSS.23.04)
This collection contains photographs from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Marche, Ark. from ca. 1900 – 1933.

William G. James Collection (BC.MSS.21.26)
This collection contains photocopies of an essay and a flight journal by William G. James relating his World War II and Korean War experiences.

Marie Jordan political collection (BC.MSS.19.21)
This collection contains material related to second wave feminism and progressive politics from 1978 – 2007 collected by Marie Jordan, a political activist and Methodist.

Jonathan Kellogg letters (MSS.17.48)
This collection contains two letters written by Little Rock businessman Jonathan Kellogg about his business and his work with the United Confederate Veterans to write a “correct history of the South.”

Marche, Ark. Community History Collection (BC.MSS.23.17)
This collection contains genealogical information, funeral programs, obituaries, photographs, and event programs related to the Polish Marche community in northern Pulaski County, Arkansas from ca. 1966-2022.

David C. McIntyre Civil War Letter (BC.MSS.23.15)
This collection consists of a letter written by Captain David C. McIntyre of the 1st Iowa Cavalry to W. B. Baker, Adjutant General of Iowa during the United States Civil War.

Lyman Redfield letter (BC.MSS.22.34)
This collection contains one letter written by Lyman Redfield at Little Rock, Ark., to his brother, Pardon Redfield, Jr., at Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York during the Mexican American War.

Edward Rice letter (BC.MSS.23.01)
This collection consists of a letter written on January 31, 1837, by Edward Rice of Helena, Ark., to Stillman Clemons of New Haven, Connecticut describing his experience traveling to and living in Helena.

Southern Gospel Songbook Collection (BC.MSS.14.81)
This collection contains songbooks published by two Southern Gospel publishing companies which each had a location in Arkansas published between 1947-1960.

Mitchell Sparks Ledger (BC.MSS.22.23)
This collection contains a ledger kept recording transactions of the mercantile business of Mitchell Sparks at Fort Smith, Arkansas, including purchases related to an 1854 cattle drive to California made under the direction of Mitchell’s brother James. The second half of the book contains copies of correspondence by Hannah Sparks, the widow of Mitchell Sparks, regarding the disposition of his estate.

David Walker Letter (BC.MSS.17.50)
The events described in this letter happened in the context of the conflict surrounding the Arkansas election of November 1872 in which many believed that Elisha Baxter had stolen the election for governor from Joseph Brooks. The events relate to a challenge to the results of the contest for Sebastian County sheriff between Henry I. Falconer and John McClure. The letter is believed to have been written by David Walker and addressed to Alfred M. Wilson, a well-known lawyer in Fayetteville.