Future of 2nd Friday Art Night (2FAN) and the Art Program at CALS:

The Central Arkansas Library System will continue to participate in 2nd Friday Art Night at various locations by working with other 2FAN organizations—more info to come!

The Underground Gallery in the Roberts Library and our many libraries around the CALS system will still feature works from CALS’s extensive permanent collection of Arkansas artwork and will exhibit artwork from Arkansas artists and collectors. Check the CALS Roberts Library Facebook page and the exhibition information page on the CALS Roberts Library website for 2FAN and other art information.

For more information about all 2FAN activities, visit the 2nd Friday Art Night Facebook page.

Upcoming Featured Artists

September: Krystal Cornelius (jewelry wire technique)
October: Tim Jacob (painting)
November: Ekaterina Kouznetsova (drawing or painting)