A Word from the Butler Center/Roberts Library by David Stricklin and Glenn Whaley

This is goodbye, in a way. On October 1, 2019, I moved to the central administration at CALS to become Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement for CALS. My excellent colleague Glenn Whaley became the Branch Manager of the Roberts Library, which includes the work branded as the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies. I’ve been moving more and more lately toward fundraising and other efforts to help drive implementation of the new CALS Strategic Plan, including some work that will help support several Roberts/Butler Center initiatives. This move will focus my time more squarely on those things, including some of the most invigorating aspects of the Strategic Plan. I’ve had a great time in almost fifteen years with CALS, being in touch with many of you about your interests in Arkansas history and the ways it can be used to help people understand this marvelous state. I’ll miss the frequency of those contacts, but as I said, this is only goodbye in a way. I’ll be just across the street from the Roberts Library, back in Main, where we were when I started here in January of 2005. Glenn is a great manager, and we have a great leadership group in place. Furthermore, Glenn has a ton of experience, a calm demeanor, and a library degree! This good work is in good hands.


And this is hello. Many of you already know me, as I’ve been working directly with David for the last five years, and at CALS for twelve. I’m a native Arkansan, born in Benton County and raised in Fayetteville and Little Rock. I’ve tried to leave Arkansas twice, but it’s pulled me back both times. I’m glad to be here again, especially since the summer has seemed to finally remember to leave us.

We will miss David’s leadership of the Butler Center and the building that is the Roberts Library, but we are glad that he’ll be working his magic on the CALS system as a whole. My goal is to make sure that everyone in Central Arkansas knows about all the wonderful work our staff does in this building and makes best use of the resources we offer. Knowing that CALS is growing stronger all the time will make this goal a reality.

Managing the Roberts Library is an honor as well as a challenge. I look forward to continuing the exciting work we’ve been doing and am eager to hear from you.






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