A Word from the Center

By David Stricklin, Director of the CALS Roberts Library

Summertime is lively here. The livin’ may be easy, as the song says, but it’s certainly not slow. You can see in this issue of the eBanner our recent work with teachers, new releases of archival materials, our presence in art and music, CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas doings, a dizzying array of programs, and all manner of outreach activities—in short, the usual lineup of great opportunities to learn, have fun, and have your horizons expanded.

We’re well into an exciting new era at CALS. In response to the recently adopted Strategic Plan, to which I’ve alluded in previous Banners, we’re doing a lot of things to expand our efforts more into the community. You may notice that our popular Legacies & Lunch series of talks, which have been held for years on the first Wednesday of the month in the Darragh Center in the CALS Main Library or in the CALS Ron Robinson Theater at Library Square, is getting a twin. The talks will still take place in Darragh or in Ron Robinson, but they will be repeated whenever the speaker can accommodate our request to have a second version of the talk at one of the CALS branch libraries. We’re very excited about this, and we already have those “twin” talks lined up, beginning this September with the 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Stacey McAdoo. Our legendary specialist in genealogy, Rhonda Stewart, is about to take her very helpful monthly workshop Finding Family Facts on the road as well. The monthly workshop will still happen in the Roberts Library but there will be twin talks out in the community each month too. Lots of other examples of this effort to get out more will be rolling out soon, so stay tuned.

As always, we appreciate your support, in all the ways it is offered. From your attendance at programs to your use of our extraordinary print and digital resources to your volunteer work to your financial gifts to your words of encouragement for our dedicated staff members, it all means a great deal to us. Find a way to get involved and get yourself a lively summertime thing to do in support of Arkansas history and culture. We hope to see you soon!






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