The Power and Beauty of Art at CALS

Kevin Kresse, artist: Knowledge Is Power—bronze sculpture, commissioned and installed in 2013 for the opening of the CALS Millie Brooks Library

Artist Kevin Kresse, who has three children and lives with his wife in Little Rock, explained what this piece of art means to him:

“I’ve always tried to use people close to me as models for my work when I can. I used my next-door neighbor Darryl Jordan and his son James for this piece. There is an honesty to their relationship that comes through to make this sculpture work.

“After Bridget and I became parents, reading to the kids became a top priority. We started when they were infants and continued well after they were reading on their own. The library visit was part of a regular routine, and we credit that with their love of reading and self-education as grown kids. I’ve always loved to make public pieces that show seemingly everyday actions, which are actually critically important, placed on the heroic level. I would love to make a monumental-size version of this piece someday. I’m very proud this sculpture is part of the Central Arkansas Library System’s collection of Arkansas art, and I appreciate the support CALS has consistently shown to Arkansas artists.”

CALS Art Program

There are 1,600 pieces of art in the CALS art collection either on display inside or outside one of our branch libraries, including the buildings downtown at Library Square, or in the climate-controlled, secure collection storage area.

We believe that the arts preserve and transmit our heritage, enrich our lives, and contribute significantly to the social, educational, and cultural well-being of all Arkansans. CALS’s mission is to provide a venue for the study, practice, and enjoyment of the arts and artists of Arkansas, and this includes an emphasis on Arkansas natives, current residents of the state, or people whose artwork deals with Arkansas-related themes.






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