Yard Work: Four Arkansas Artists Reunite to Showcase Their Artistic Responses to Nature

On view through Saturday, October 1:

Yard Work: Inspirations Found in Our Own Backyards

Underground Gallery, Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square

CALS Roberts Library

Is it too hot to spend time in your own yard? Come to the air-conditioned CALS Roberts Library Underground Gallery to feel like you are in nature without breaking a sweat.

In this exhibition featuring four artists who first met each other in the University of Central Arkansas Art Department over a decade ago, Britynn Davis, Deborah Kuster, Barbara Satterfield, and Kristen Spickard have come together again to showcase their artistic responses to nature and backyard experiences.


Coming from a family of ranchers and farmers, Britynn Davis uses textiles and drawings to explore concepts of the rural and public vs. private spaces, identity, ornamentation, and community.

Deborah Kuster’s handwoven textiles are personal reflections of the memories, contexts, and metaphors that are found in nature.

Barbara Satterfield’s expansive yard abounds with creatures and plant life. Her ceramic constructions are inspired by acts of anticipation of what she will see within what she has nurtured through the seasons.

As an apartment dweller, Kristen Spickard dreams of having her own yard. But by using alternative photography processes such as cyanotype to make copies of the elements of a yard such as grass, leaves, and insects, she manufactures her own imagined landscape.

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