Month: December 2020

Prioritizing Arkansas’s History and Heritage: Worth the Effort

I have spent nearly two decades in some capacity or another engaged in matters of Arkansas history and heritage, and while I have absorbed a wealth of scholarship, and produced some of my own, there is one question about the collective soul of Arkansans whose answer continues to elude me:

Why don’t we take ourselves more seriously?

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Three tools for assessing the reliability and importance of historical materials

Three lesson plans tools that teachers and students will find helpful in assessing historical materials are described in this document. Teachers can easily adapt one, two, or all three of these tools into a class activity or three class unit by having students complete the tasks as a class or in groups.

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

Grade Level: 5-8 Middle School;

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President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site

President Bill Clinton’s education began from a pretty young age, due to the care and help of his grandmother Edith Cassidy. The rangers at President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site would like to help you learn more about Bill’s childhood, as well as the National Park Service.


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Fort Smith National Historic Site

Native Americans, Outlaws, Westward Expansion, or the Justice System – Fort Smith National Historic Site brings history to life. We are in the process of updating our education programs in alignment with the Common Core. The new programs will offer more opportunities for students to be actively involved in the learning process.

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Pea Ridge National Military Park

Pea Ridge National Military Park now offers Traveling Trunks for educators to rent for two weeks. These trunks, one Union and one Confederate, contain reproduction items worn and carried by the common soldier during the early years of the American Civil War.

Pea Ridge National Military Park offers a variety of options for teachers and students studying the Civil War and the Battle of Pea Ridge.

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Butler Banner Archive

The Butler Banner archives between 1999-2018 are available in PDF format only. The Butler Banner was our print newsletter.

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