On View: Clara’s Sketchbook by Clara Mitchell

The Landing at the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, CALS Roberts Library

July 9–September 25, 2021

This exhibition highlights artwork by a new artist in Little Rock’s gallery scene. These pen-and-ink drawings, both serene and macabre, resonate with an emotional honesty rendered with a strong technique.


Artist statement from Clara Mitchell:

When I was a child, I always loved music videos. I was under the impression that everyone chronically watched the music video for any song they liked, like me, but, come college, I had a rude awakening that most people did not watch them. Every time I listen to a song, I always visualize some form of art with it—whether it’s a vision I can draw, an idea for a music video for it, a dance routine, or even just a mesh of colors. I see something every time I listen to a song. I think my job as an artist is to be an audio-to-visual scribe, because almost every artwork I create derives from a song. And, in turn, most of my works are titled as the song they’re inspired by. Though my inspiration for making visual art does not stop at listening to songs…

For the collection of hand drawings: I am a person who loves hugs, back rubs, and obviously handholding. We hold hands to show we are dating someone, or when we don’t want to lose someone in a crowd, or even as an act of consolation to let someone know we’re present. It’s a simple thing to do but can mean a lot of different things with the right context. Drawing hands holding each other reminds me of the tender moments I have shared with current and past loved ones. I think of someone different every time I make a hand drawing.


The Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square is located in the CALS Bobby L. Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art. Check the CALS Roberts Library website for gallery hours and visiting procedures.





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