On View Now: Photos by David Ankeny, Art by Sulac, and an Exhibition of the Arkansas League of Artists

Photography by David Ankeny 

On view through Saturday, April 30 

CALS Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, Loft Gallery   

David Ankeny started taking photographs long ago and far away. He caught the photography bug from his father, and later his wife nurtured the habit. Now, he never travels without a camera.

He says, “The toys got more expensive, but photography hasn’t changed much. The trick is to go beautiful places and take a camera.” 

A Little Rock resident, Ankeny spends a good part of his summers in his native Wyoming. Until Covid struck, he spent his winters in New Zealand and Australia, as our winter is their summer. 

He says, “New Zealand summers are the closest I could find to Wyoming summers. In fact, South Island is pretty much Wyoming from the 1950s and ’60s with cell phones, except that the beer is better, and the big mammals are in the sea, not on the land.”

Over the years, Ankeny has become an avid birder, in addition to observing and taking photos of many other animals.

He says, “New Zealand and Australia are bird paradise and uber sea bird paradise. New Zealand is particularly rich with tube nose sea birds. It’s hard to describe the feeling of sailing in solitude on the Tasman Sea and having three twenty-pound Wandering Albatrosses with eleven-foot wingspans come gracefully floating out of the gloam and buzz your boat. These birds circumnavigate the Southern Ocean. Yes, they fly around the world.” 




Sulac: New Artwork for the New Year 

On view through Saturday, May 28 

The Landing at the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square 

The Night of the Bunnies

This batch of new works from Little Rock artist Sulac is fresh out of the oven, baked in the warmth of his heart at 500 degrees over the last four weeks.

Sweet yet savory, delicate yet sturdy, they are a treat for the whole family. 

A Spoonful

Sulac has had solo art exhibitions at the Thea Foundation, Historic Arkansas Museum, Ketz Gallery, and the Cox Creative Center, as well as group shows at the Chroma Gallery, Oval Gallery, A.C.A.C., Wildwood Park for the Arts, The House of Art, Gallery 360, Dedicated Art Studio, The Rep, Laman Library Main Branch Gallery, and Gallery 26.






Arkansas League of Artists’ 2022 Exhibition

On view through Saturday, May 28

CALS Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, Underground Gallery

The Arkansas League of Artists is a non-profit organization that formed to promote the visual fine arts in Arkansas. The League consists of visual artists and art enthusiasts from all over the state who gather to learn through the demonstration of techniques, the exploration of materials and media, and the sharing of collective experiences and knowledge.







The CALS Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square holds regular exhibitions and often features artworks from the CALS permanent collection; more artwork from the CALS collection can be seen throughout all the system’s locations.

The Underground, Landing, and Loft galleries are located in the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square in the CALS Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art in the River Market District of downtown Little Rock. Viewing the exhibitions is free, although many of the pieces on exhibit are for sale.

Check the CALS Roberts Library website here for gallery hours and visiting information.




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