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Local Students Find Their Place in History at the CALS Roberts Library Research Room

The first way historians often try to reach young people is to show them that history is not just a dusty portrait of a politician on the wall or a dry recitation of dates and battles. History comes alive for individuals who realize that history is a mirror—a mirror in which their own images reflect all the past stories of light and shadow that have made them who they are today.

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Holidays on Film: Christmas Home Movies

The CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies has a wonderful collection of home movies. The collection started with movies donated during Home Movie Days in 2006, 2007, and 2008. The videos depict holidays, graduations, historical events, vacations, parades, and other events. The collection spans a variety of audio/video formats, the majority of which are now obsolete.

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A Binge on Arkansas History and Culture by EOA editor Guy Lancaster


by EOA editor Guy Lancaster

I know that it’s popular to binge-watch series on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. And I have friends who binge-read authors—if they find a book they like, they immediately start reading everything else by the same author. But I’ve never been one who binges.

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The Power and Beauty of Art at CALS

Artist Kevin Kresse, who has three children and lives with his wife in Little Rock, explained what this piece of art means to him:

“I’ve always tried to use people close to me as models for my work when I can. I used my next-door neighbor Darryl Jordan and his son James for this piece.

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Come shop with us!

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Well, the Galleries at Library Square is the place for you! Here are our STAFF PICKS for the 2019 Holiday Season!

We will be open on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. Stop by and shop local with us!

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Genealogy Research Across the Years at the Central Arkansas Library System

By Alysanne Crymes

The CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies in the Bobby L. Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art has a wealth of genealogical materials and information for those who are interested in searching their family tree. I’d like to give a little history of how these offerings have grown and changed over the years.

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Inside Our Digital Collections: Voices from Vietnam

This feature of our Butler Banner invites readers to click their way into our many and varied digital resources. The CALS Butler Center’s Research Services Division recently digitized reel-to-reel recordings of dictated letters home from a Little Rock U.S. Marine who was serving in Vietnam.

Listen to the recordings.

James Edward Mitchell was born in Little Rock on January 19,

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Six CALS EOA Entries Everyone Should Read

By Kelly Houston Jones, assistant professor of history at Arkansas Tech University

Kelly Houston Jones is currently wrapping up a book project called A Weary Land: Slavery on the Ground in Arkansas.

I’d like to kick this list off with the entry on C.

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A Word from the Butler Center/Roberts Library by David Stricklin and Glenn Whaley

This is goodbye, in a way. On October 1, 2019, I moved to the central administration at CALS to become Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement for CALS. My excellent colleague Glenn Whaley became the Branch Manager of the Roberts Library, which includes the work branded as the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.

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Hands-on Encounter with History Helps Teens Envision A Future City

Local teacher Jeff Davidson had a vision for his summer workshop for teenagers. He wanted to share his fascination with city planning by teaching teens to look closely at the urban world around them, in order to understand how and why their city looks the way it does today.

So Davidson designed a fascinating role-playing curriculum in which each student would assume a role such as Chief Architect,

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