Arkansas’ top ten events of the century…says who? why? Deciding what is important in history

In the nineteenth century, historians tried to lift their scholarship to a higher level, declaring that they would rely only upon documented facts. However, as noted historian E. H. Carr wrote in his essay, What Is History?, even this does not guarantee the final truth about the past. The next question is, “Which facts?” This lesson will include two more questions that historians must always ask: What is significant about a particular event? What makes it important enough to include in the history of a given time and place?

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

Grade Level:5-8 Middle School; 9-12 High School

Time period:World War II Through the Civil Rights Era 1941-1967

Arkansas Academic Standards are subject to revision every six years by the Arkansas Department of Education. The frameworks used in the majority of lesson plans on the Arkansas History Hub are from the 2006 Social Studies Frameworks and the 2007 Arkansas History Amendments and School Library Media Frameworks.

H.6.6.11, H.6.6.19, H.6.6.34, WWP.9.AH.7-8.12, WWP.9.AH.7-8.5, WWP.9.AH.9-12.4, WWP.9.AH.9-12.5, WWP.9.AH.9-12.6, WWP.9.AH.9-12.7, WWP.9.AH.9-12.8



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