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A Word from the Roberts Library: Partnerships and Programming

As I’m writing, we’re fully immersed in summer; there was no slow dipping our toes in the water first—we got the full effect all at once. We’ve learned to expect the heat, but I can’t say I ever look forward to it!

This summer will be like none that the Roberts Library building and staff have seen before,

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Homemade Soap versus the Chatbot

Now that everyone else has written think pieces about AI, it’s time that the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas weighed in. But first, let’s talk about soap.

I like to buy handmade soap when there are vendors selling it at the local farmers’ market. I won’t argue that some homemade artisanal goat milk soap is necessarily better than the mass-produced stuff I also keep on hand.

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Let’s Eat! Exploring Historical Menus

Did you know that the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies at the CALS Roberts Library has a collection of historical menus going back over 100 years? You can explore Arkansas’s culinary past by viewing our new mapping project here.

Menus provide intriguing snapshots into our past. Think about how intertwined restaurants are with our lives.

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Points of Pride: Identity and Language

June is Pride Month, the perfect time to talk about gender and orientation. I’m excited we live in a time and place where people are increasingly allowed to explore the gender identity and orientation that suit them, with the freedom to try things on and see what feels right, what rings true. Personal identity is just that—super personal!

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Get to Work!: Slouching toward the Absolute

“I might eventually write something, but right now I’m just enjoying the research too much.”

I hear these words often, and they set me on edge each time. Usually, someone has just told me about some research they have undertaken, something that sounds really promising, something that could easily be an article or even a book.

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Found Family Facts: Looking at Guardianship

An email from a patron researching family history was recently forwarded to the genealogy reference desk in the CALS Roberts Library Research Room, asking about guardianship laws in Arkansas around 1850. A frequent reference work for us is the Acts of Arkansas, a collection of books publishing bills enacted in Arkansas by the state legislature.

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Eureka Springs in Stereo

Although the population is only around 2,000, Eureka Springs is arguably one of the most interesting locales in Arkansas. This northwestern Arkansas tourist town situated in the Ozark Mountains is one of two county seats in Carroll County and home to legendary healing springs. The city draws a diverse tourist crowd every year and is known for its spas and bathhouses.

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The Story of a Photograph

In recognition of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, celebrated each year in May, CALS Roberts Library staff members Brian Robertson and Danielle Afsordeh began searching through the thousands of photographs in the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies’ collections to highlight AAPI content. During that search, Robertson came across the photograph below.

In this photo from the Streetscapes photograph collection (PHO.7),

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The Butler Banner archives between 1999-2018 are available in PDF format only. The Butler Banner was our print newsletter.

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