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Wanted: Entries for the EOA

Entries Needing Authors:

American Airlines Flight 1420

Arkansas Business Publishing Group

Arkansas Living Treasure Award

Wes Bentley

Big Dam Bridge

Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing

Broadway Bridge

V. L. Cox

“Fables of Faubus” [Song]

From Slavery to Wealth [Book]

Gideon Page Series [Book Series]

Hot Springs Railroad (a.k.a.

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Inside Our eCollections: Little Rock Pamphlet, 1907

This feature of our Butler Banner invites readers to click their way into our many and varied digital resources. Featured this time is a recently digitized 92-page pamphlet published in December 1907 as a “review of the Manufacturing, Mechanical, Mercantile, Mineral, Climatic, Municipal, Educational, and Denominational interests of the City of Little Rock,

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Arkansas in the Movies

by Guy Lancaster, editor of the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas

The recent Academy Awards celebration put me in mind of the many movies filmed in—or made about—Arkansas, if only because while the state has sent forth a number of talented people who have been nominated for—and won—Oscars, the state itself has taken home very few.

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A Word from the Center by David Stricklin, Director of the Butler Center

by David Stricklin, director of the Butler Center

The signs are up. The re-dedication has happened. It’s really, really official. We are in the Bobby L. Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art in Library Square, what we used to call the Main Library Campus of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS).

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Volunteers Educating Students, Teachers, and the Community

Since becoming acquainted with the Butler Center two years ago, Kwami Abdul-Bey and Clarice Abdul-Bey have been exceptional volunteer partners. The Abdul-Beys are founders and co-directors of the nonprofit the Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts and Literacy Collective (find more information here). Notwithstanding their quiet demeanors, the couple’s work with students and teachers in the Butler Center’s education outreach activities has been heard far and wide,

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History Takes Flight with Picard Collection

Those watching C-130s circle over the Little Rock area on training flights from the Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) at Jacksonville may wonder about these bulky aircraft, unaware of the important role they have played in both war and peace. For retired U.S. Air Force major Richard L. (Dick) Picard, now a Little Rock resident,

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Tina Oppenheimer: An Unconventional Life Expressed in Crocheted Art

Tina Oppenheimer is an accomplished and prolific artist in crochet. Her pieces are arresting, often several feet wide, and frequently employ floral and geometrical motifs drawn from the mandala tradition.

Contemplative beauty in handcrafted work

Mandalas were introduced to the West by famed psychiatrist Carl Jung, who felt that creating these circular,

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Remembering Matt DeCample

With very fond memories, we honor our friend Matt DeCample, an immensely talented partner in our CALS podcasts and other projects of the Central Arkansas Library System. Matt was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016 and passed away on March 3, having fought valiantly to the end with the tremendous heart and humor he was known for.

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“Part to Whole” Exhibition Brings Love of Nature to West Gallery

“Part to Whole” opens this Friday and is full of natural wonders! If you love art, nature, or both, this exhibition offers an experience not to be missed. Breathtaking works of sculpture and painting will be exhibited by six members of an artist group including Mia Hall, Robyn Horn, Dolores Justus, Barbara Satterfield,

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Dee Brown Typed Here: How an Arkansas Author Rewrote the West

Stained, a little battered, but still working—the typewriter of famed Arkansas author Dee Brown has emerged from the Butler Center’s archives. The machine now reposes grimy and authentic under glass at the Dee Brown Library of the Central Arkansas Library System. It may even be the typewriter Brown used to write his shattering,

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