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Nuestra Communidad: Our Community

For Hispanic Heritage Month 2022, the CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies created a special webpage for researchers who want to learn more about the Latinx/Hispanic community of Arkansas:

The Butler Center also recorded nine oral history interviews with Arkansas community members who are either part of the Latinx and Hispanic communities in Arkansas or work closely in Latinx and Hispanic community development in the state.

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Historical Connections: Mariah and Me

Mariah Holyfield Roland was my grandmother’s grandmother. Family and friends called her “Skeet.” She was thin and tall like my grandmother, and it seems something about her reminded someone of a mosquito. The first six years of my life were under the roof of my grandparents, Willie Toombs and Lillie Stewart Toombs.

As a child,

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Arkansaurus Fridayi: The Buried History of Arkansas’s State Dinosaur

When I was little, my brother and I were fascinated by dinosaurs. To us, the Museum of Discovery was the pinnacle of the display of innovative research and finding rocks with imprints of fossils in a dry creek bed was an extreme excavation.

Flash forward to the evolution unit of my high school biology class.

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In Search of the Ground Observer Corps

Before coming to work in the CALS Roberts Library, I was a library assistant in the Reference Department in the CALS Main Library for thirty years. There were so many aspects to being a reference librarian that made the job such a pleasure. Fortunately, my role at the Roberts Library allows me to provide the same kinds of reference services but focused on Arkansas history and genealogy.

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The CALS David Stricklin Research Fellowship Experience: Kimberly Green, 2022

During this sizzling summer, we’ve all spent what little energy we have looking for bright spots not caused by the relentless sunshine. In July, one such welcome event was the arrival of the first Stricklin Research Fellow. The fellowship was established in honor of former CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies director David Stricklin to assist students,

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The Invisible Work Behind the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Work can be like the proverbial iceberg—you don’t see most of its mass because it is hidden under an expanse of water.

That is to say that any job, even one with a predominantly public side, entails a lot of labor hidden from view of those being served. A teacher spends time not only in the classroom in front of students but also alone at a desk writing quizzes or preparing lectures.

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James Logan Morgan Jr. Papers: Dozens of Photos Now Digitized

James Logan Morgan Jr. was a teacher, historian, and minister. He was born on September 13, 1940, in Oil Trough (Independence County) to James Logan Morgan Sr. (1910–1995) and Eva Irene Landrum Morgan (1922–2009). Morgan graduated from Newport High School in 1958 and earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and business from Arkansas College (now Lyon College) in Batesville (Independence County),

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Butler Banner Archive

The Butler Banner archives between 1999-2018 are available in PDF format only. The Butler Banner was our print newsletter.

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