Mary and the Red River raft

Students will research and examine the role of Henry Shreve and the snag boats in clearing the waterways of Arkansas providing a stronger economy for the state during 1833. Chapter IV, “Mary and the Red River Raft”, from Bandits, bears, and Backaches shares this story from the point of view of female teenager living during that time

Lesson Plan

Courtesy of CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

Grade Level:5-8 Middle School

Time period:Louisiana Purchase Through Early Statehood 1803-1860

Arkansas Academic Standards are subject to revision every six years by the Arkansas Department of Education. The frameworks used in the majority of lesson plans on the Arkansas History Hub are from the 2006 Social Studies Frameworks and the 2007 Arkansas History Amendments and School Library Media Frameworks.

E.7.5.1, E.7.6.1, E.7.7.1, E.7.8.1, G.1.3.9, G.1.AH.7-8.2, G.1.AH.7-8.3, G.1.AH.7-8.5, G.1.AH.9-12.2, G.1.AH.9-12.3, G.1.AH.9-12.5, G.3.4.1, G.3.5.7, G.3.6.7, PS.6.5.2, PS.6.5.3, PS.6.6.1, PS.6.6.2



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