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A Word from the Roberts Library: New Initiatives in the New Year

What’s next? My soothsayer retired in defeat after the last two years, but I can share a few things I know we’ll be able to count on in the new year:

Projects! As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve received grant funding that will help the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas (EOA) be more accessible,

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History as Alchemy

Newspaper columnists and the like usually run a “the people we lost” piece this time of year, a collection of all the notable lives that were sadly extinguished at some point during the previous twelve months. The end of the year makes us ruminate a bit upon life and death, and assembling brief obituaries is fairly easy work.

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A Strange and Historic Time: Chronicling the COVID-19 Pandemic in Arkansas

We are near the end of another year affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re taking stock of the work we’ve done at both the CALS Roberts Library and the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas to document this crisis for future generations. Just as we have the chance to learn from soldiers’ and others’ wartime experiences due to the work of the journalists and photographers who captured that history in real time and the archivists and historians who preserved it,

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Adoption in the Family

One of the questions we get almost every month during our Finding Family Facts class is: What do I do about adoption in my family tree?

On the surface, this question has a simple answer: Include the adopted family member in the family tree just as you would a biological relative.

But it can be more complicated than that.

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A Little History in the House: The Legacy of Gertha Lee Bailey Trice

The essence of a home is often weighted toward the traditions of a mother. Born a few years prior to the Great Depression to James Bailey and Addie L. Carter Bailey, Gertha Lee Bailey Trice spent half of her first decade of life observing and experiencing the reality of life during this historic period. Her daily life was impacted by the conditions and lived experience of her family and their community in eastern Arkansas.

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Striving for the Elusive Complete Set

A complete set is a wonderful thing. When I was much younger and collected comic books, I always had to fill out whatever series I was collecting. The first comic book I ever bought was G.I. Joe no. 39, and it took me years to acquire all the previous issues, especially the rare no.

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Give Butler Center Books This Holiday Season

Butler Center Books Make Great Gifts!

It is time to start thinking about gifts for loved ones, especially those Arkansas history buffs in your life. Butler Center Books, which focus on people and events of Arkansas, just might fit the bill.

Here are a few recent and popular titles:


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Artists “Imagine a Day Without Water” with a Mural and Exhibition

Little Rock’s newest downtown mural was dedicated at 301 E. Capitol Ave. (a former LRPD substation) in a ceremony on Thursday, October 21, 2021. The mural is part of the Forest to Faucet program, which is a partnership between the local arts community and Central Arkansas Water. This program included the creation of the mural in partnership with a local artist,

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Mapping History at the CALS Roberts Library

The CALS Butler Center for Arkansas Studies is excited to share forty-one individual maps and one Pulaski County atlas online through the Arkansas Studies Research Portal.

These maps are the first to have been digitized in an effort to encourage use of the Butler Center’s extraordinary collection of historical maps that collectively date from 1710 to 1917—more than two hundred years of changing borders and growing communities right at researchers’ fingertips.

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Butler Banner Archive

The Butler Banner archives between 1999-2018 are available in PDF format only. The Butler Banner was our print newsletter.

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